Summertime weddings

After our roller coaster winter, we are definitely excited about summer finally being here, and with summertime comes sweet tea, sun hats, big porches and of course big southern weddings!  We love summer and weddings, so of course, we love summertime weddings! Here are a few tips to keep your guests nice and cool this summer season. 

How adorable is this couple?! (photo credit )

How adorable is this couple?! (photo credit

Greet them with an icy cold beverage! We love custom Jone's Soda Bottles, Arnold Palmers, and how can you go wrong with a Mint Julep?

Having an outdoor ceremony? Summer heat can be brutal! Why not have a tray of refreshing cold towels for your guests to cool themselves down with. We have done this, and its a fun and surprising treat your guests will truly appreciate!  (OK, so we may have stolen this idea from Sandals Resorts, who treat you to this service upon arrival.)

Your cocktail hour is a great way to treat your guests to something special and signature cocktails are always popular. We suggest a chilled soup shooter! This is a great conversation starter too!

Other great options are fan programs, drink stations and lots of shade trees! If you have any other suggestions, feel free to share!