The Registry

Before tying the knot I thought that registering for gifts was going to be like a trip to Disney World…It's NOT! I suppose if you've lived with your spouse prior to getting married you may have already accumulated the essentials and can just register for things on your wish list. THAT WAS NOT US. We needed everything from plates and platters to a vacuum and shower curtain. Here's a handy little registry checklist you can use while trying to narrow down your selections.

Also, here are a few fun tips to remember before you go on your big venture!

Don’t register hungry- This may seem like an odd point to start with…but trust me on this, don’t do it. Registering takes a surprising amount of energy and if you aren’t well-feuled, it could be a less than pleasant experience.

Time to start new- Marriage is a new start, so why not start your household out on a new foot? Take this as a time to get matching dinnerware, glasses that aren’t foggy, and bedding that isn’t starting to fray. 

All price points- Some people have a smaller budget than others, and I think it’s nice to give a variety of products in different price points so people can buy something that they can afford.

Register for at least one gift per person- Many places will tell you to register for at least 2 gifts per person so they'll have options, but if you have a 300 person wedding…That's a LOT of gifts!

It doesn’t all have to be practical- Register for some board games, some cute decorations, or camping equipment! Things you would like, but might otherwise not buy.

Know the return policies- Not all stores have great return policies for gifts, especially if you don’t have the receipt. You may wonder why you would need to take back a gift that YOU registered for. Well, sometimes people do not buy them through your registry so you may get more than one of something…or you may just have not gotten that one thing you so desperately wanted so you sacrifice a gift less valued.


Rayna WallenComment