Plan Your Perfect Tailgate!

Tailgates and How To’s...

Whether it’s in a movie, on Pinterest or from seeing the people enjoying game day around you; you see it’s possible to have the perfect tailgate experience. But how, because when you think about what goes into it, how can one not be overwhelmed?

Well here are just a few simple steps to make your tailgate one to remember!

  • Tents - they may take some time to set up but this is one item that will define the space of your tailgate. It may be a bit of an investment but it will surely pay for itself over and over again. Plus, what’s better than a tent to be under come rain, shine or even snow?
  • Seating - chances are, if you are putting on a great tailgate, people will want to stay awhile. But, people may not want to stand for five hours straight so bring some cool seating. Folding chairs, camping chairs, big bean bags, barstools, whatever you can get your hands on. Your guests will appreciate the relaxation and want to keep the party going a little longer!
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  • A wide-variety of food- hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad and bratwursts are all great for game days. But, how many hot dogs can one eat in a day? Add some variety to the line-up! Tell your guests their welcome to bring some goodies, chances are they’d love to. It’s a great way to take some of the pressure and expense off you but also an even better way to spark conversation and hospitality. “Hey Michelle that dip is amazing, how’d you do it?,” moments like that are great for camaraderie and learning. So send out a fun text or quick email to your fellow tailgaters and get the party started with all sorts of yummy dishes!


  • Drink of the day - now this is really fun, you get to play bartender! Experiment with some different alcohols and juices at home before gameday. Come up with some new ones and then title them accordingly; The Linebacker, QB Sneak, etc. Have some fun while you entertain your guests with your skills!
The "Big Blue Martini!"

The "Big Blue Martini!"

  • Details, details, details - last but not least, pay attention to the little details of the tailgate! What is it about these dream tailgates that make them so great…the details! Add a little fun and flare to your setup. Put some decorative labels or magnets on the coolers, get your team’s line of paper products, find some lights to line the inside of your tent, get fun markers to write name’s on cups, get a small chalkboard stand to write the menu on, throw some outdoor rugs down, provide face tattoos, the options are endless! The key to finding these details is trying to personalize your tailgate to your style, you’ll be surprised what you can think of.

Now of course there are millions of things we could list to provide you with a kickbutt tailgate, but now that we put you in the game, get to playing!! Remember, the best part about tailgating; you have all season long to perfect it!

Rayna WallenComment