Engaged!!! It's about time.

Lately, I've been really getting personal with my blog posts, and well, this one is no different.  If you follow me personally, or our AP Instagram, you probably already know that... I'm engaged!  And I–we–are super excited! 

Our proposal story is random, and perfect, and absolutely us.  We've had some awesome experiences during our relationship, (think fairy-tale stuff; hot air balloon over Napa, private sailboat UNDER the Golden Gate Bridge and countless romantic walks through San Francisco), so I had no expectations for the big moment,  In fact, I helped pick out the ring and even discussed how I'd prefer he propose.  We tend to do our own thing, and would prefer to share in the experiences than follow what tradition tells us to do.  So on November 14, in the middle of a normal evening, during a super moon, after adoring the night sky, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! It was utterly romantic, and the most special moment we've had.  It was completely perfect!  We even bought a small token to remember that moment–a Christmas Mouse ornament we named Henry Pierre.  (We can be a bit quirky.)


So there you go!  I'm, WE, are officially engaged!  This year I'm joining all of the other fabulous Always Planned couples and I'm planning a wedding.  This one, though, is in Ireland. 

Oh, and Henry Pierre is coming along! Stay tuned.