Who We Are, What We Do & Why?

I recently wrote a very personal blog post, where I proclaim my love for the wedding industry and come clean about some real feelings I've had in the past few years. 

With this new fresh outlook on my business, I've decided to dive in to who we really are, and what Always Planned stands for.  We've always had a mission statement and core values as a business, but we recently re-evaluated who we are and who our ideal client is.  With this change, comes a few changes in how we work.  It's a lot of exciting things happening all at once, and just in time for engagement season! :)

In our quest to find our ideal client – we discovered our ideal company.  Here's a few of our answers to some key questions.  We believe in transparency so we're excited to share with you!

What does Always Planned do?

We create elegant, sophisticated experiences. Whether for weddings or corporate events, we curate each unique event to the very last detail.

What emotional benefits do we deliver to our clients?

We remove stress, offer a peace of mind, and act as a sounding board for our clients. We are their true support system while planning their event. We act as a mediator between stressful family situations and even combat vendor situations that arise. Our end goal is to make the biggest celebration of their lives one they will never forget.

What sets us apart from our competitors?

Always Planned is full service. With both event management and design direction, we encompass all planning that can fall into your event. We also provide in-house florals, invitation design, and travel bookings.

What's the primary message we want to convey to our clients?

Always Planned has their back!  We want their wedding/event to stand out as much as they do, and we take pride in creating a one-of-a-kind experience from start to finish. There's nothing more rewarding to us than bring our designs, and our clients dreams, to life.  

So there you go!  A little snippet into who we are and what we love. 

Next topic?  Community.  Stay tuned.