Destination Ireland – Rayna + Joe

If you're like us, then you've discussed your wedding day long before the proposal even happens.  I've been planning amazing weddings for 10 years now (YES! AP Is officially 10 years old!!), and I've seen, and created, some of the most beautiful weddings in the United States and the Caribbean.  So what does a wedding planner/designer do for her own wedding?  Well, that's a good question!  Ha!  We, almost instantly, knew that we wanted a destination wedding.  Other than that, we were kind of lost.

So we treated ourselves like any other AP client.  We asked ourselves the same questions we ask you, and we both answered in our own way. 

Rayna: give my guests an insane experience, with a a glimpse into our world–and how much we love and adore each other.  Inviting, and beautiful surroundings, music that sets the tone, champagne flowing and carefully designed with "us" in mind.

Joe: something similar, but, with a wonderful meal and exquisite wines– of course.  Music is always a priority and having friends there is the main goal.

We both LOVE to travel and experience new places and things, so we wanted to give our closest a taste of that, and to encourage them to get out of their comfort zone, or try new places and things. 

After much discussion, and brainstorming sessions, we came up with a crazy adventure, where we travel the world professing our love for each other in gorgeous places, inviting our friends and family to join along. Somewhere in the middle of our trip, we have a bigger ceremony in Ireland. 

Ireland makes sense.  Not only is my family originally from Ireland, but they speak English, and it's much like the US, so it's honestly easier to plan a wedding there than, say, Morocco, which is where Joe's grandfather is from. 

We wanted a celebration that was memorable, and because we love to travel, we wanted to create incredible experiences with our friends and family, and we wanted memories that lasted more than just the life of one party.  So, off to Ireland we go, with 40+ of our friends and family!  Yeah, I said FORTY.  Crazy, right?? It truly will be magical!

Here's a glimpse into our venue, the stunning Mount Juliet Estate, in Kilkenny, Ireland. 


OK.  I know this post is already pretty long.  So I'll do a series on the music, decor, cake and photography, but until then if you're looking for some additional info into our crazy plan, head over to our website  EEK! 

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