Cancer Sucks.... A Tribute to Ashley.

Life is far too short. 

I truly love what I do. Working in the wedding industry has done more to fill my heart and soul than any other job I've had. But, this post isn't about me, or my career. It's far bigger than that. 

This post is about a friend, a family, a client, and a women who fought with everything in her to live as long as she possibly could. I met Ashley and her incredible family 9 years ago. I had just started doing weddings and she was newly engaged to Camden. An adorable couple and super sweet family, they were planning a big celebration. And I got to be a part of it. It's an incredible privilege to me to plan someones wedding.

Some clients come and go, others stay and you never want them to leave. Through the years I've made some amazing friends and during the months and years of planning I become a part of their family, even if for a moment. 

9 Years is a long time. Since then I've watched Ashley and Camden travel the world, start a family and go through the most difficult years anyone could ever imagine. I also got to plan her sisters wedding (she even worked with me on a few other weddings), and have hugged her parents many times in moments of celebration!

Today is a different kind of celebration. Ashley lost her fight against cancer over the weekend. Words cannot begin to describe the sadness I feel for her family and children, the friends she left behind and for every single person that was fighting alongside her. I sit in tears as I write this. But you know, Ashley would not want us to be sad. She was such a vibrant, positive and beautiful person, and instead of a funeral she requested a party to celebrate her life. So tonight, we break out a bottle of champagne and toast to Ashley, and the love and joy she graced this world with.

In honor of Ashley, we are pledging our Christmas giving to be split between the following organizations.

  1. The Breast Cancer Reasearch Foundation:
  2. METAvivor: 30% of cancer will metastasize (spread) only 2% of funding goes to it’s research
  3. Young Survival Coalition:  A useful resource for women under 40

A note to Ashley:

Thank you for being a warrior in your fight for life, for never giving up and always choosing to live, when it would have been easier to give up. Thank you for being an inspiration and keeping it real. Thank you for being you.


From our archives. Ashley and Camden, 2009.

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