3 ways to make your wedding invitation stand out from all of the others

Fall wedding season is upon us and that could only mean one thing.

Formal Wedding Invitations are about to hit your mailbox.

Fall weddings are our favorites - the colors, the weather, the crisp evenings – it really is the perfect time in our area to host your fabulous wedding celebration. But one thing you definitely don’t want to happen is for your wedding invitation to get “lost” in the shuffle.

5 ways to make your wedding invitation stand out

  • Gorgeous Calligraphy.

This should be an easy one, but it’s often forgotten. We’re going to mix it up a bit and say be playful, but simple, with how your formal invitations are addressed. One thing I’m a stickler on is mailing a formal wedding invitation.

First, who doesn’t want to get something fabulous in the mail? Second, it sets the tone for your invitation, and Third, formal invitations are gorgeous and I just love pretty things. PLUS, it’s one tradition we truly believe in.

That being said, you can be playful with them and address your formal invitations in a less than formal way, just be mindful that the address is easy to read. By using first names you make it much more personal than the traditional Mr/Mrs greeting and it helps to simplify the invitation process. Here are few fun examples, images from Pinterest.

watercolor calligraphy
wedding calligraphy
  • Use a Colored Envelope.

Most standard wedding invitations come in white or ivory, so we suggest mixing it up a bit and use a colored envelope. When you do this, just be sure that your envelope goes well with the overall design and theme to your wedding AND the calligraphy is easy to read. The last thing you want is for your invitations to become lost if the postal service because they can’t read the writing.

Here are a few fun examples of colored envelopes we just love!

green formal envelope
  • Include something extra!

When Joe and I got married I wanted to provide an experience with our wedding invitation. One thing that was a total “must-have” for me was to include an Irish Blessing, and it had to be the first thing you saw when you opened the envelope. So that’s what we did. Maybe for you it’s a favorite poem or quote.

If you really want to stand out, include a hand written note, that coordinates–of course. Simply saying how much you would love for them to celebrate with you will definitely make them want to attend your wedding!

  • BONUS: Have a beautiful custom design.

We think having an incredible design is to be expected – but we have an award-winning graphic designer in-house so… of course we do. ;) But in all seriousness the only sure way to be unique is by, well, being unique. Hiring a graphic designer to create a completely custom wedding invitation is absolutely worth it in our books and each of our clients automatically receive this custom level of service when you choose to work with Lúnasa Events. Already planning your event and just need a kick-ass graphic designer? No problem, check out Maystorm Studio, where Joe takes a limited number of wedding clients.