3 Trending Dress Styles!

By: Ashley Zander

Wedding dresses! It’s something most of us have dreamed of our entire lives. Me personally, I imagine my tomboy spirit will take a backseat and let the girl in me shock friends and family in something resembling the dress of my favorite Disney princess - Cinderella! Not the blue color and the puffy shoulders part, but the ballgown and the bling. Whether ballgowns are trending or not, that’s what I have in my head that I want to wear when I get married…unless it makes my 5’2” stature look like a silly little cupcake.

If you’re newly engaged, one of the first things that may be on your list is going to try on beautiful wedding gowns. It’s completely normal to be excited about that right off the bat, and quite frankly it’s one of the first things that your wedding budget money should be spent on…aside from your fabulous wedding planner. *hint drop*

Here are some of the most popular wedding dress styles that we’ve seen lately…

Lace & Tulle

If you’re around the age where it seems everyone you know is getting married, then you’ve surely seen at least one bride wear a dress like this halo gown from the collection of Blush by Hayley Paige. The bold lace top and whimsical tulle skirt is all the trend right now and we haven’t seen it look bad on any bride yet!


Photo Credits via:  Donna Irene, Love Chloe Lane, Susanna Colbert


Two Piece

Not many of us can pull off a two piece wedding gown, because lets face it…pizza & Starbucks frappuccinos! But if you can flaunt it, do it! Our ancestors would cringe at this new skin-showing trend, but it’s all the rage…and it’s almost 2018 people! With the right mix-n-match of top and bottom, this style is just what you need to top off a boho themed wedding.


Photo Credits via: Green Wedding Shoes , The Wedding Playbook, Wedding Sparrow, Nouba


High Neckline

For those of you trying to keep grandma happy by hiding the ta-ta’s, here’s a style for you! Conservative, yet stunning, the high neckline is another feature that is in. There are endless styles of dresses available that include the high neckline, from ball gown to mermaid to two piece. We don’t think you can go wrong with any of them!

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