Old Fashioned Wedding Traditions - Yes or No?

Keeping Old Fashioned Traditions

Heyyyy world! So...I wanted to talk about old school wedding traditions today. I’ve been seeing all these posts where bloggers are bashing traditions and putting it in peoples heads that you should stop, well, everything traditional. Don’t get me wrong, I love change and I love that every wedding is different. But some things just shouldn’t go away.

#1. Asking the father for his blessing

We aren’t saying you have to ask permission - some may feel it implies that your significant other is property and that you’ll be making a payment in pigs or some other livestock. We’re way past those days, and if you haven’t noticed then you’re living under a rock. But show the future in-laws some respect. By asking for their blessing or permission in this day in age, they and you are already acknowledging that the marriage is going to happen, but it shows you care enough about your future hubby or wifeys family. If for some reason they say no or refuse to give their blessing, then you may be doing something wrong in life.


 #2. Keeping the top layer of the cake

Ummm, helloooo...who doesn’t want a slice of their wedding cake for their one-year anniversary or some other special occasion?! As a wedding planner, I see couples all the time who get so distracted mingling with their guests that they completely forget to try their own cake. Yes, you feed each other one bite during the cake cutting, but that’s ONE BITE, one measly little tease of a bite. Do yourself and your tastebuds a favor and save the top layer of your cake. Let’s be honest, you don’t really want to spend money on a whole other cake anyways, and there are some bakeries who even give you the top anniversary layer of your wedding cake for free.

#3. Bouquet and garter toss

As a wedding planner, I’m seeing this all too often now where couples leave out the bouquet and/or garter toss. But they can be sooo much fun! Some couples leave them out because they think no one will want to come up and flail their arms about to catch the bouquet or garter. Ok, so then make your guests WANT to come up! Have your DJ or emcee hold up a bottle of bourbon or other liquor or wine and make an announcement that the person(s) who catch the bouquet or garter win the bottle! That floor will be packed like a can of sardines. You’ll get some great laughs and some even better pictures of the faces everyone makes when jumping for something they want.

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