Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Wedding Predictions


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just got engaged—and we're thrilled! Seriously, how are they suddenly the cutest couple ever? OK, excluding our clients, of course... unless, they want to be our client, in which case they trump all y'all...  


Anyway, I just finished watching their first engagement interview, and here are my initial thoughts:

#1. They should hire us.  

- We know how to handle all of the media that will be thrown their way. And, with a sweet Southern accent... something like, "I think they went over yonder..." we'll have them all confused.

#2.  These two were made for each other. 

- Seriously, we've seen a lot of couples... a lot. And a majority of those were a great match.  But, guys, Meghan and Harry not only look good together, but they seem like the real deal. It's almost as if the whole thing were planned! (wink, wink)

#3.  Seriously... hire us!

- Our ideal couple is one that's in love, is fairly down to earth... and has a great budget! ; ) 
We love that our couples are the perfect blend of refined and approachable. I mean, that's how we think we are.

OK. So, now that we got that bit out of the way, let's chat about our wedding predictions for the Spring 2018 wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. 


For this particular post, I consulted with Joe. Since he does rather seem to think he's royalty—ha ha!—it's only fitting that he has a say on the matter.  (Yes, I'm drinking wine.)

OK. So, my first question to Joe is:  "What lavish experience, or thing, do you think Prince Harry and Meghan will have at their wedding?"

Joe:  "I don't know, baby. These guys seem super low key, and don't seem to like to show off, so I think it will be a sophisticated and more intimate affair."

*Good reply, Joe! I agree. 

Next up, I ask Joe: "So... do you think this will be a big wedding?"

J: "Yes! if she's American—and anything like your family—she may have a lot of cousins. But, like our wedding, they may also not show up. So, my best guess is around 250, but that's mainly close friends and family."

OK. Makes sense. Next question: "Other than the couple, what do you think will take center stage at their wedding celebration?"

Joe surprises me by saying: "A live performance by Beyoncé."

I can't help but smile a bit. I think he's totally wrong on this one! But, I must admit, he's been known to have an inside scoop... Let's see if he proves himself right this time. (Just so you know, my answer to this question is slightly different.) I actually think the full experience will take center stage. I imagine Meghan will want to really show her friends and family from the US why London and Prince Harry have stolen her heart. 

We shall see... Who do you think is right, Joe or me?

NOTE: If you think Prince Harry and Meghan Markle should hire Lúnasa Events to make their wedding dreams come true, please feel free to share this post.  ; )



*There was wine harmed in the making of this post.


PS. If by chance, Megan and Prince Harry see our post—congrats guys!! We wish you a lifetime of happiness, great sex, and  privacy.



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