Your Wedding Planner’s Emergency Kit

Over the years, wedding planners gain bucketloads of experience in saving the day! Whether our fault, your fault, a bridal party members fault, a vendors fault, or just good ol’ Mother Nature’s fault, it is likely that at least one thing will go wrong on your wedding day.  By having an experienced team of wedding experts on your side, it is much more likely that issues are resolved before damage occurs and anyone else finds out!

As wedding planners, we take these experiences and we build up our emergency kits so that we’re prepared for any possible future mishaps. We swap stories with other industry professionals and think, “hmm, maybe I should add [item] to my kit in case that ever happens to one of my brides/grooms.”  We’re not super heroes by any means, but we’ll certainly try to save your day if anything happens! Instead of wearing shiny red capes, we roll shiny black bags behind us with all of the emergency necessities.

Another upside to a wedding planners emergency kit...we can not only save the bride or groom, but the bridal party, the parents, and even some of the decor, to name a few! 

Photo credit via:  Sophie the Parisian

Photo credit via: Sophie the Parisian

Here’s a list of some of the items in the Lúnasa Events emergency kits:


  • baby powder - for those of us who regularly indulge in pizza & have no gap between our thighs

  • bobby pins - 3 different colors (for blonde, brunette/red, & black hair)

  • crochet hook - many different sizes, to help to pull buttons through loops on the back of a dress

  • deodorant - travel size

  • fashion tape - to help with those strapless dresses

  • feminine products

  • garter - can’t do a garter toss without one!

  • Soulmates heel covers - we’re not super crazy about these, but some ladies make them work


  • boutonniere pins - pearl headed & black headed

  • deodorant - travel size

  • disposable razors

  • shaving cream


  • Band-Aids/First Aid kit

  • broach pins - just in case you need to pin back a linen or curtain

  • cake cutting set

  • candles - tea lights for votives

  • dental floss

  • Extension cords - green to blend in the grass, ivory to blend in with most carpet

  • eye drops

  • Fake rings for the ring bearer pillow - who really wants to entrust a 3-yr old to keep up with hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of rings?

  • flashlight

  • garbage bags

  • glue gun

  • hammer

  • hangers - magnetic & suction cup - for hanging decor or garland

  • insect repellent

  • lighters - for candles, sparklers, etc

  • needles & thread

  • Outlet strip

  • push pins

  • roller - some people just can’t get away from the pet fur

  • rope/ribbon - to block off the aisle before the ceremony, if needed

  • rubber gloves

  • rubber mallet - sometimes those pesky signs just don’t want to go in the dry ground

  • safety pins - mutiple sizes (tiny, medium, & giant)

  • scissors - regular & small point

  • sharpies/roller ball pens - for guestbooks or bourbon barrel tops

  • staple gun

  • static remover spray

  • sunblock

  • tape - floral tape, packaging tape

  • Tide-To-Go

  • towelettes/wet wipes

  • umbrellas

  • velcro

  • wire - fishing wire, floral wire

  • zip-ties - different sizes

Photo credit via:  Guest Boxes

Photo credit via: Guest Boxes