Write This Down

Not only event planners plan. We all get that sudden itch to organize our monthly, weekly, and daily thoughts. Unfortunately, life experiences, ideas, recipes, and the never ending bullet lists end up on a million tiny post it notes, dinner napkins, and random magazine tear outs. Now remember, there's a difference between appointments and thoughts. STAY ORGANIZED.

Heres the trick! Keep using your 2015 agendas but strictly for appointments and deadlines only. We find that when we separate our creativity from what is actually taking place, it establishes balance. Don't just type it into your iPhone, write it down! Being in the planning industry, we obviously love jotting our notes in style. Having a swanky notebook or two will persuade you to actually use them as opposed to having dust collectors at your bottom desk drawer. Color coordinate, label, or separate each by working topics. Leave one on your night stand to free up stress or utilize it as a creative outlet to end the day.

The best ideas flood our brain when we least expect them to, and hey... if you have notebooks as cute as these, you will want to bring them with you everywhere you go! 

l Click on notebook to purchase OR if you're a super crafty individual looking to take on the next project, follow this link for a DIY notebook project.