5 Wedding Planning Tips From The Experts!

5 Wedding Planning Tips:

1.  Book your major vendors first.  Start with your venue and/or planner.  Then secure your photographer, catering and band or DJ.  These vendors can often do only one wedding per weekend. 

2.  Be sure to select a dress and venue that go well together.  Both of these items play a huge part in the overall style of your wedding and reception. 

3.  Give yourself plenty of time to plan.  A great planner is invaluable, especially when time is an issue.  More time to secure the details will also make for a more relaxing planning period. 

4.  Don't forget your honey!  He/She is the very reason you're celebrating – make time to date without wedding talk.  Trust us, it will be good to take your mind off of the planning!

5.  Discuss the budget upfront & often.  Weddings are expensive!  Typically much more than most people initially expect.  It's ok to not know what things cost, but you will eventually need to know what the max you can spend is.  Hiring a good planner is well worth the cost and will help keep the budget in line!

Rayna WallenComment