Pantone Inspired

We are jumping on the bandwagon when we say- We are obsessed with this years Pantone color, greenery!

As we began to concept our ideas for the 2017 calendar, we thought it would only be fitting to kick the year off with a Pantone inspired Bridal Booth set up. If you have spent any time with us, however, you would know we couldn't just stick with the "trend."

So, here it is. Our Pantone inspired backdrop courtesy of the cold, or possibly our desire to travel right now. If you know of anybody that is interested in planning a destination wedding, we promise we are your girls.

Photo Credit:  Rebecca Stephenson

Photo Credit: Rebecca Stephenson

Big green botanical leaves were the first thing to catch our eyes as we began envisioning the year. I think Jamaica might be calling our names.

Photo Credits: Rebecca Stephenson

Photo Credits: Rebecca Stephenson

Each small addition brought our team's passions to life. Rayna's design vision for travel and adventure, mixed with a little bit of romantic and hand written touches from Lauren made this one of our favorite bridal booths yet.

2017, we can't wait to see the incredible designs that fill our couples' celebrations. 

Also, a big shout out to each of the lovely couples we met and talked with this past weekend. We are thrilled to add you to our 2017 and 2018 calendar years.

Comment below and let us know what you think of our bridal booth!

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